EO Accelerator: How to scale your business without making costly mistakes

 This month Flock helped to host a webinar event for the EO Accelerator. Flock’s Founder and CEO, Mike Lysko was the MC and guided the speakers through topics and kept the audience engaged throughout the insightful event. The main focus of the event was to give entrepreneurs advice on how to scale their businesses and avoid making costly mistakes.

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Events and Creating Immersive Experiences

Humans are social beings and if the global pandemic has taught us anything, it is that the internet can be a great way to create connections and social experiences when used correctly. The future of events will be greatly impacted by Augmented, Virtual and Mixed realities as immersive experiences become a staple in the way we interact with brands, products and each other.

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Benefits of Using an all-in-one Eventing Platform

There are so many different elements that go into organising and hosting a successful event. From planning, to sending out invitations, to managing RSVPs and keeping in contact with attendees, to hosting the event itself; there are multiple moving parts. At Flock we believe in using the right tools to ensure event success. Flock offers an all-in-one eventing platform that you can use to take your event to the next level.

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Flock Enables Top Carpets and Floors to Host Successful Virtual Event

Flock Eventing Platform assisted Top Carpets And Floors with their 2021 Virtual National Conference which took place on 27 May 2021.

Top Carpets and Floors were looking to host a conference for their 130 members nationwide to inform them of the latest marketing and sales strategies for 2021 and beyond.

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How to Increase Engagement Through Event Longevity

Whether you’re hosting an online, physical or hybrid event, engaging your attendees is essential. However, attendee engagement is particularly important for online events as it is very easy for attendees to simply log off and leave a virtual event.

We spoke to Herkie Du Preez, event professional at Event Wizards, about event longevity and how it can increase attendee engagement.

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Event Registration Solutions

There are a number of aspects that go into hosting a successful event. From planning, execution, to post-event feedback management, there is a lot to get done. One of the most vital elements you need to manage is the event registrations process.

It is crucial to know who will be attending your event and to have their contact details on hand should you need to communicate any changes or additional information.

At Flock, we believe that using technology is a great way of ensuring success. There are many benefits to using an electronic event registration solution instead of  managing RSVPs manually, the obvious benefits being it saves you time and money. It is a lot less admin intensive as the system does the heavy lifting and you’re left with a streamlined list of attendees and their details.

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Transform your Venue with a Green Screen

Green screens are an affordable and accessible option that event organisers can use to catapult their event to the next level. With the latest technological advancements, green screens are no longer only reserved for big-budget films or high-end enterprises. Corporates and small-scale companies are able to use green screens to enhance their virtual spaces by utilising them for advertising purposes, multimedia presentations as well as video sharing.

Flock Eventing Platform has used green screens for many clients and as a result has seen major improvements in both event engagement as well as keeping attendees tuned in. Introducing an interactive and dynamic element as part of attendees’ experience helps keep them focused and engaged throughout the online gathering.

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