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Make the most of your Virtual Event Venue

The sky is the limit with virtual event venue design. Customize your virtual set to suit your brand and business objectives, while providing your attendees with interesting and dynamic backgrounds, transitions, and audio instead of something simple and uninspiring.

Flock Event Platform allows you to fully customize the virtual elements of your event to suit your needs. Here are some other ways you can add to your virtual event to keep your attendees engaged and interacting throughout.

  • Consistency is Key

Everyone, including your speakers and presenters, will be tuning in from different locations. To mimic the slick look and feel of a live event, try and maintain cohesiveness by making sure all your speakers and presenters are behind the same backdrop, just like it would be in real life. Being consistent with customized virtual décor will make your guests feel like they are attending a well-run and throughout event, instead of just a normal online meeting.

  • Choose a Theme

Most events benefit from having a central theme, or narrative, that informs the event material. Virtual venues especially benefit from choosing a strong theme, as it will help the guests remain engaged and can also help guide them through the digital environment. Choose a strong theme that will inform your backgrounds, as well as your transitions, audio and event resources. Make sure your theme suits the main event objectives and 

  • Be Experimental

If 2020 has proven anything, it’s that people are incredibly innovative and creative when we are called to adapt to a new way of being. A predominantly virtual landscape was by no means pre-determined; however, it has become commonplace and ever evolving. Many of your guests might be virtual event first-timers. Make it exciting by mixing it up with some 3D design and virtual reality! Guide people through tradeshows, fairs and exhibitions and show them the merits of the virtual event space.

The virtual world literally has no bounds, and neither should your virtual venue! Flock Eventing Platform provides you with the tools to create fully customizable event software to go with your virtual event.

Book a Demo today and see how we can help you create a fun and exciting virtual event venue!

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