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Flock’s Virtual Event Manager’s Toolbox

Throwing a virtual event can be daunting. In many ways, it’s a completely different ballgame to live in-person events, because the main feature — the guests — are sitting behind screens, all over the world. Virtual events need to be fun, engaging, and interactive so that guests stay tuned in for the whole show. Your main aim is to keep their attention, keep them engaged and encourage discussion.  

Flock Eventing Platform has put together an essential toolbox of top tips to help you when planning your virtual event.


  1. UX Design – web experience over just broadcasting

    UX Design, or User Experience design, is incredibly important when planning a virtual event. You want your interface to be slick, easy-to-use and convenient for your users. It’s important to think of virtual events as web experiences. How easily guests navigate through the event and experience the different sessions will affect their level of engagement and interaction throughout the event. Aim for intuitive design that’s easy-on-the-eyes.

  2. Play with Agenda to Ensure People Stay Engaged

    Virtual events need to have a rhythm to them, just like live events. People need to be able to take breaks, get up to stretch and have bathroom breaks. There needs to be an ebb and flow to the programme so that people remain focused and engaged enough to stay tuned in for the whole virtual event.

  3. Broadcast From a Studio

    Lockdown restrictions have eased enough for virtual event planners to set up a proper studio space from which to broadcast their virtual event. Having a broadcast studio will place your virtual event a step ahead of your competitors. It will make your event look more professional. You will also be able to capitalize on branding the studio space as well, so that you can get maximum exposure during your virtual events.

  4. Virtual Event Website

    To host a successful virtual event, you need an excellent event website that will answer all questions your guests might have and provide quick and direct access to essential pre-event resources. Your event website should have your event registration platform and include all the resources your guests will need to attend the event as well. Flock Eventing Platform sets up your virtual event website with everything you will need to host a successful virtual event.

  5. Event Apps

    An event app is a custom-built mobile app that makes all the event information and resources easily available from your mobile device. Most people access all of their information — email, social media, text, documents — from their mobile devices. An event app centralizes all of these resources and makes them easily accessible from one platform. Flock custom designs mobile event apps, making your event more accessible and easier-to-use for all.

  6. Make it Interactive

    Virtual events need to remain engaging so that people stay tuned in. One way to do this is to make your event engaging and interactive. Requiring your audience to get involved with the content will make them feel more engaged and valued during your event. Q&A sessions, Polls and Surveys are all ways to create interactive engagement. You can also make it fun by hosting quizzes with prizes up for grabs. Interactive activities are also a great way of gathering data and gauging how your material is ‘landing’ with your audience. You can use all of the information you gather from these micro-engagements when developing new marketing strategies for future events.

  7. Experienced Crew

    A virtual event should not be underestimated in terms of the level of expertise needed to pull it off successfully. Your crew needs to be experienced for your virtual event to be a success. There is no use in setting up your event with professional equipment in a broadcast studio if you aren’t employing people who know how to use it. Make sure your team has experience in virtual event or live streaming.


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